How to style a pajama shirt

Warning pajama tops/cami’s and pants are a huge trend right now. They can be difficult to style and this look is not for everyone. Initially, I didn’t think a woman over 40 could pull it off, but he’s how I did it.

Pajama top I purchased from Forever 21, and I paired it my favorite brand of jeans YMI (Wanna a better butt). Since this was a going-out-to-dinner look, I spiced it up with a pair of over-the-know boots I purchased from Poshmark.

I could not find the same top but below is a link to a similar one. You can also go to the intimate section of your local thrift store and find similar items that would work.

Forever 21 pajama top (similar):

YMI Jeans:

Over the know boots (Run a search for over the knee boots):


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