My little Island’s demise

Hurricane Maria caused great devastation in the Island of Puerto Rico in October 2017.  Forced winds ripped through power lines, destroyed homes, businesses, vegetation and even claimed a few lives. The entire Island was left without electricity, running water, gas and no  Internet access.

I wasn’t  able to communicate with my family for almost two weeks. Although physically OK, and suffering only minor structural damage to their properties, Puerto Rican’s, were left struggling with the difficult task of living day by day as if they were violently transported to a primitive era.

Viewed by many as the “land of enchantment” is now but ruins. A glimpse of paradise’ lost. I know they will surpass this tragic and unexpected event in time.  Puerto Rican’s have the drive and determination to get through this in a mighty way. They will rebuild, they will move on. But will it ever be the same?

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