Unique Skull Jewelry

If you love skull jewelry, you have to visit Vancaro.com. Their vast selection of unique designs will blow you away. I recently purchased a skull ring I’m totally in love with. It’s a promise ring made from sterling silver with a round-cut cubic zirconia that sparkles as much as the diamond on my wedding ring!

This particular design can look bit large on long bony fingers such as mine. However, the size of the ring is what allows its craftsmanship to stand out.

Almost every time I wear it, I not only get compliments but most people think it’s a very expensive diamond. I was once told me that my husband must really love me to give me such a large rock. That’s how real the cubic zirconia looks.

The mount of the ring where the cubic zirconia sits are skulls, and the shoulders are surrounded by wings. I will insert a picture below. This design retails for $299 but I purchased it on sale for $145. It fit true to size so make sure you know your exact size.

Initially, I ordered it a half size larger and had to send it back for an exchange which was quick and easy if you follow their return policy. Vancaro offers free express shipping on orders over $160. There’s a $5 restocking fee if you remove a tag attached to the ring which is clearly explained in the package.

I can’t wait to order more pieces in the future. I have no doubt I’ll love them just as much as my beautiful skull ring.

To view their designs visit www.vancaro.com. Here’s a link to my design:


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    1. Thanks for the comment! Beautiful jewelry on your site. Let me know if you would like to send a sample for review and a possible blog. I can use your comment above as part of an interview.

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