How Facebook can ruin relationships

The social media trend has raised havoc in people’s lives for years. A tool originally created as a forum for self-expression where you can stream your favorite photos and videos, share ideas and showcase professional skills and accomplishments, has become a tool that’s destroying relationships. Those who don’t use it to seek relationships outside their own, use it as a way of displaying passive-aggressive behaviors and thoughts they otherwise are not assertive enough to share out loud.

Individuals who are in relationships and use the “hide” friends’ requests feature on the site to solicit friendships they don’t want their partners to know about are basically cheating. A request that is not made public is a matter of personal choice. You have chosen to hide your request for a reason and more than likely, not for a good one.

Sharing hints and suggestions as to how things should be or how people should behave is clear manipulation. Being rude and vulgar is just tacky. Have the guts to say what you have to say without resorting to hiding behind your social media profile to get your message across. These types of behavior make social media an unpleasant experience for many of us.

I have approximately 40 to 50 Facebook friends, not the average 200+ most people have. I can’t help but wonder if they even know half these people! I guarantee they don’t. The friends on my site are definitely people I want to hear about and who care for and trust. How many of your Facebook friends do you trust? How many of “friends” on your page do you truly want to hear about? Seriously?

How many of you have many friends whom your spouse doesn’t know what type of relationship you’ve had with that person? A high school or, camping friend… perhaps, but how are we to know these are not exes?

I will encourage you to stop using Facebook in a manner that’s dishonest and offensive to your partner. If Facebook creates too much temptation or is damaging to your relationship, get rid of it! We were OK without it years back; we can survive without it now.


Rosa Talavera

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