Best online clothing stores for women

Best online clothing stores for women

I’ve never really been a fan of shopping for clothes online. I’ve always feared I’d purchase an item that wold not fit, or be of poor quality and I’d be too lazy to return it.
I started shopping online about two years ago because I became even lazier to go the mall and chose items everyone else was wearing. I was ready for variety and uniqueness in my wardrobe.

Where did I start my search for the best sites? YouTube. I started watching videos on seasonal hauls from the most popular and reliable YouTubers. I looked for their reviews on style, fit, quality, pricing, shipping, and sizing, and I’m happy to share, that it helped a lot.

After scoping and purchasing from various online stores, I’ve narrowed it down to six. The are favorites for pricing, quality, fit, and shipping process.

Asos, This is my first favorite of all featured on this blog. What makes this one the best in my book is the variety and uniqueness of most of the items. Although prices are reasonable and comparable to other sites or in-store shopping, items that are not designer name-brand styles such as Adidas, converse or something alike, are quite unique. What’s even best, they always have sales and their sales are very good. Their return policy is exceptional and items are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Windsor, Windsor like Asos, features a variety of items at a great price, great quality and their sales are worth the wait. I find their shipping takes a bit longer than Asos, give an take 5 to 7 days, but so far I have not been disappointed with the items I’ve chosen. You may have to play around with sizing because a couple of items I’ve purchased in the past were too tight so you may have to size up on items such as tops if you are a larger cup size.

Ebay, Ebay is a great site for women’s clothing. You can find unique pieces at a great price and many sellers offer free shipping. You have to search for specific items to get the best results. You can bid on items but I prefer the ones that are available for immediate purchase.

Poshmark, This is a new discovery for me. It’s like a glorified thrift store. Like Ebay, you can search for unique items at great prices. They offer customers a one-price expedited shipping rate and guarantee your satisfaction. So far I’ve only returned one item and the process was quick and painless.

Zara, (There isn’t a Zara location in Colorado). By far my second favorite. Founded by a clothing entrepreneur in Spain, this site offers unique pieces at an affordable price and their sales are not to be missed. All items I’ve purchased have been true to size and of great quality. Shipping is free and they offer expedited shipping for $9.95. Shipping times may vary depending on orders placed during holidays.

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