How to break in Doc Martins

One day, I received an email that a pair I had been considering had been reduced in price considerably. It was then I decided that if the blisters and soreness were too much while breaking them in, the financial loss wouldn’t be as bad.

Once I received my coveted shoes in the mail, excitement and fear started to set in. I like most women, hate uncomfortable shoes that cause great harm. So before I started breaking them in, I did some research on how to protect my feet and this is what I came up with.

Before I get into how I avoided painful blisters, I must advise you to make sure your purchase the right size because sizing for this boot can be tricky. For instance, I’m a size seven and a half shoe and found that sizing down to a 7 was a perfect fit for me. I believe the right fit is going to make a big difference when breaking in your precious purchase.

I went to Target and found a pair of no show, cushioned toe and heel socks. Over them, I wore regular socks (bootie socks, long socks), but make sure they are not super thick. I did this because these no-show socks are thin enough to layer and adding your statement piece sock will keep the no-show sock from being swallowed by the shoe.

I know it seems like a lot of layers on your foot, but trust me, it feels like you’re just wearing one pair. I’m now on my fourth pair of Doc Martens. I enjoy them and not once have I developed a blister while breaking them in. Below is a link to the no show socks I’m recommending in this article. I hope this works for you as it has for me.

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