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At a young age, I used to spend a lot of time in my bedroom reading love stories. I remember becoming deeply connected to the characters and story lines. Settings created in my mind would often shift from the written word in front of me, to ones I fashioned myself.
Initially, I didn’t set up to be a writer. My first college degree was in psychology. After graduation, I worked as a social worker for the State of Florida. After a few years I discovered I had to get out of counseling.
Since I was bilingual, I decided to take a crack at translating and interpreting. I did this for nine years and must admit was joyous, and more fun. Not the actual work itself, but getting to know my clients at a personal level. I would imagine all the stories that could be written about them, and how others could benefit from their life experiences. I think this is when I started to consider a writing career, but did nothing to pursue it.
After a series of life-changing events, somewhere down the line I considered going back to school. Against the advice of others, I acquired a second degree in journalism. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to secure any type of employment as a writer, but was ready to take a chance. Long and behold, I’ve been writing ever since; first as a freelancer, currently as a full-time clinical writer. I’m glad I was bold enough to follow my dreams. Although challenging, the rewards far excide trying times.
My next project is to write a book, that is, as soon as I can secure a topic that hasn’t been tapped into, or give an old topic a new twist.

With a writer’s heart since my teenage years, and with no hope of seeing myself as anything else, I took a leap of faith in my late 30s and got a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I haven’t stopped writing since.

My favorite assignments have been writing online for 5280 magazine, the Denver Post and GoGolorado.com. Print publications include La-Teen magazine and a local Latino-empowering newspaper called El Semanario.

I hope this blog will highlight my passion for the written word as well as serve as a platform for insight and education on a variety of topics.

On the personal side, after moving several times from New York, Puerto Rico and Florida, I’ve settled in the Denver metro area of Colorado with my family who inspire me each day to continue to thrive.

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